Friday, June 12, 2009

Peak: Now that's what I call Livable

(Photo: AP)

I moved to Pittsburgh in August 1997. In the 12 years since, I have witnessed three championships. That's 1 every 4 years.

Most Livable, indeed.


Schultz said...

So the LA Lakers may soon win their 4th Championship within the past 10 years. That would be 1 championship every 2.5 years for L.A, or 1 championship every 2 years if you include the Anaheim Angels. Does that mean Los Angeles is a "most livable city" too? More "livable" than Pittsburgh?

Chris Peak said...

That's exactly what I'm saying.

Chris Peak said...

And actually, the Most Livable region - by these standards - would be New England, where four championships have been won since 2002. That's an average of 1 championship every 21 months.

Heath said...
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Heath said...

How about "First time in the history of the NFL and NHL where the same city has brought home both championships in the same year"

Forget "most livable"

We're the damn City of Champions again.

Heath said...

Where you been Peak!?!?