Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gutter: This guy...

Talk about being gracious in victory.

On Channel 2 after being declared the winner, re-elected Mayor Luke Ravenstahl touted his "positive campaign" and said (as transcribed by me):

"Patrick [Dowd] was very offensive to me. I hope he would offer an apology. We asked for it many times."

Ravenstahl then said that he looks forward to working with Councilman Dowd, but cautioned that "[Dowd] has some explaining to do."

Then on Channel 4 he said it again, talking about how his mother told him to not say anything if he had nothing nice to say.

"So that's what I did. Patrick crossed the line and I asked for an apology. He didn't offer it; hopefully in the very near future he will."

You deserve nothing. No apology. Nothing. Dowd pointed out truths about you and your administration. I can only hope that the new City Council makes your professional life difficult at every turn over the next four years.

Nothing is over. Nothing.

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Heath said...

Apt clip.

btw... now that the up to date listings on your reading list are gone... I kind of miss them.

"How fickle the hearts of men."