Sunday, May 4, 2008

Peak: Fever in the funk house, Pt. 8 - Come Dancing with the Kinks

Or: How I fill up 2 GB

(Being the continuing alphabetical series of the contents of my iPod)

Album: Come Dancing with the Kinks – The Best of the Kinks
Artist: The Kinks
Released: 1986

Track listing:
1. Living on a Thin Line

Like many people (I assume), I first became aware of “Living on a Thin Line” after hearing it on the episode of The Sopranos titled “University,” a brilliant third season episode that is probably most memorable for the brutality of one mobster beating a young stripper to death. The song seems to appear repeatedly throughout the episode during various scenes inside the strip bar, and its message of impending change (or the doom that will come without change) is just another example of the genius use of music in The Sopranos.

Youtube won’t let me embed the video (and it looks like some weird video game promo anyway), but here’s the link. Good jam.

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