Friday, April 18, 2008

Gutter: Cheapskate update - 4/18

Time for another update in the running for the first-ever Tired Huddled Masses Award, otherwise known as the Cheapskate, presented to the Major League Baseball team that does the most with the least. The contenders are the four MLB teams who decided to spend as little as possible this season. For further explanation on how the figures were reached, look at previous entries on the topic.

Here are the four penny-pinching gladiators, with their 2008 salaries (according to this list published by the Associated Press):

Pittsburgh $49,365,283
Oakland $47,967,126
Tampa Bay $43,820,598
Florida $21,836,500

The Marlins have continued their stranglehold on the Cheapskate in the early goings, with their Dollar General-esque $21 million payroll, which looks very nice next to their 9-6 record and top-of-the-division standing. At the same time, three straight losses have left the Athletics a bit behind after leading the AL West for much of the young 2008 season.

As for the Pirates and the Rays, they suck. Pittsburgh’s four-game winning streak over the weekend might have been the final sign of optimism in 2008, while Tampa Bay’s win over Minnesota Thursday snapped a three-game losing streak that is sure to be repeated.

Overall, not much change in the standings for the Cheapskate. In the last update (on Tuesday), the Pirates had passed the Rays for third place; after two losses to the Dodgers, the home team has fallen back into the cellar.

Record: 9-6
Standing: 1st in NL East
Games back: 0
Money spent per win: $224,655.35

Record: 9-8
Standing: 2nd in AL West
Games back: 1
Money spent per win: $559,287.48

Record: 7-9
Standing: 5th in AL East
Games back: 2.5
Money spent per win: $618,280.05

Record: 7-8
Standing: 4th in NL Central
Games back: 3.5
Money spent per win: $652,979.94

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